After 24 years of marriage while I was working full time, helping an elderly parent, raising our sons (one seriously ill), my husband decided he “wanted more fun” and left. I was lucky to find a counselor to help me deal with the grief, loneliness and fear and rebuild my life.

The counselor suggested a support group to continue my healing. I found some groups, but they were more about revisiting wounds instead of moving forward. I came upon Jean Grossman and my world changed. My relationships, work, dreams, health and outlook improved. The group lifted the fear and replaced it with curiosity. I remained calm during turbulent times and have seen situations that would have baffled me change due to my more positive energy. I feel whole and prepared for my true life. What I thought was the worst event of my life was transformed into a gateway to my next chapter

– Maureen, Engineer

Thank you for continuing to show up with your sincerity and clarity and sharing my journey. I am better as a result. 

- Keith, Web Developer

I really got  good vibes from your coaching sessions. They got me where I am today! And, that's truly amazing given that I've been wanting to take this step for 22 years and you helped me find the courage to do it.

- Carole, Teacher

I really am very grateful, Jean, for everything you've done to open up my world to thinking in more open ways. I tell everyone how much of an impact you've had on my life the past few months. I often think of our group sessions, the open and frank comments made by everyone, your fantastic facilitation of the entire group, and your uncanny ability to understand exactly what each of us wanted to explore.

Even when I didn't understand things myself, you were able to ask the right questions to provide clarity to me. You are really SO good at coaching! I also loved your thoughtful emails with new ideas for us to consider. I felt like you were always right there with us, helping us work things through to get to a better place.

- Elise, Sales Professional

Working with Jean during a very painful, emotional and turbulent part of my life brought me many wonderful things including peace, acceptance, contentment, perseverance, determination, and empowerment.

The list goes on, with the point being that through difficult times, people like Jean make challenges a little less overwhelming. She provided me with the tools to manage my difficulties and develop the coping skills needed to overcome my conflicts. She is driven by resolution and she reminded me of the positive qualities that I possess. I am eternally grateful and a more confident person with a positive attitude. I now refrain from feeding on negative energy and live in the "positive" moment:) Like Nike says, "Just Do It!"

- Donna, Teacher

Jean is an amazing coach! Coaching with her has taught me that we all have a different perspectives and look at things in our own way. There is no right or wrong ... We can't change anyone - we can only change ourselves. When we change our thoughts - we change our world. Jean, partnering with you has been an incredible journey - life changing. Thank you!

- Marsha, Life coach - WOMEN's ISSUES

Jean's strength is her ability to get people to be their own advocate. Asking the right questions, she gets you to the point where you know what steps you need to take. She doesn't advise, she helps you advise yourself. It's a true gift for the empowerment of her clients. 

- Amy, Affirmative Action Specialist

When I first started seeing Jean for coaching, I was at a point in my life where I knew that I wanted to improve my quality of living, but I didn't know exactly where to begin. I had seemingly insurmountable anxieties about work, social situations and a poor self-image that I couldn't seem to shake. I was simply overwhelmed.

However, after four sessions, Jean had already helped me define a starting point, assisted me in working through my most intense anxieties (that were holding me back), and had provided me with a set of tools that enabled me to begin (gradually) altering my behaviors and thought processes.

Now, almost 1 year into coaching, I've accomplished personal goals that I previously thought I'd never get around to, released myself from debilitating anxiety, and have improved my ability to communicate with others. I now also exercise the previously untapped ability to identify and acknowledge my feelings and current state of energy, and then make a conscious choice to shift into a different, more constructive level of energy instead. I think, above all else, the most important accomplishment for me thus far has been that I have stopped underestimating my ability to achieve what I deserve from life.

I've found that coaching with Jean has not only created a structure for me that facilitates and encourages pivotal personal changes, but it serves as a cathartic platform of self-discovery. I've re-learned the importance of taking care of myself and participating in beliefs, activities and levels of energy that ultimately serve me in my journey to heightened happiness. Beyond this, I've found that I have been able to break out of my comfort zone, take more risks and make independent, actionable steps that are leading me toward a life that I'm truly excited about.

I would highly recommend coaching with Jean to anyone who is "stuck in a rut," struggling with limiting beliefs about themselves, or to anyone who wants to break through a plateau and achieve what they've always wanted. I think coaching can truly work for anyone who wants to improve their life, no matter what his or her circumstances may be.

- Paige, Content/SOCIAL MEDIA Specialist

Jean is simply an extraordinary coach. I have, again and again, marveled at how deeply she is able to listen to what is holding me back and causing me to feel stuck, and then move things so I feel confident, energized and clear by the end of the conversation. Jean's approach is both loving and highly effective. At the end of each call, I feel grateful for the time we had together and I am ready to take action.

- Adina

I turned to coaching because I was feeling lethargic, teary, and like a victim, completely unable to move myself out of this energy that debilitated my total being. Jean's coaching helped me turn around my thinking, and eventually how I felt about each day --- life is better as a result.

I am now able to look at situations in my life differently and see options that never before would have been considered. Rather than being stuck in constant worry with my focus on the future, I now live more in the present and keep the focus on me and my life, instead of on others. This is so different from how I was raised and have lived for 50+ years, and while the process is difficult, the results are most definitely worth the effort. Hang on, commit to the work and enjoy the ride.

- Mary Anne, Registered Nurse

When life hands me difficult situations, I now know I that have a choice. I can either view myself as a victim and dwell at the lowest level, or I can find the opportunities, possibilities, and hidden value in allowing myself to pass through the situation without needing to control it. Instead of closed doors, I see new beginnings.

This enlightenment has become possible through my life coaching experiences with Jean Grossman. Every week I am discovering how much change is taking place.

Before we began, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. A disabled/diabetic child, 2 teenage boys, a divorce, a sick mom who recently passed and a brother dying of cancer. It is funny––I used to talk about all these things all the time, constantly reinforcing how I was suffering. Now, just putting them into one sentence feels like too much. I now see the light in each day. I have learned that I am important and that I need to nurture and take care of myself. I need to feed my own dreams.

Through coaching, I am able to get back on track quickly when I am feeling the familiar feelings of being a victim. I ask myself if what I am feeling or doing is empowering me or disempowering. If it is the latter, I quickly move past it. I never had the awareness to distinguish the difference.

I recommend coaching with Jean to anyone who wants to make a change in the way they see their world. It does require a commitment on your part to practice what you learn and to accept the mistakes and setbacks. It's the journey, not the destination.

- Margaret, Architect

I would highly recommend Jean Grossman as a life coach! She is excellent at helping you to reframe situations, focus on the positives, and turn difficult situations into learning experiences. She taught me how to use a vision board to focus my positive energy into a positive change, and I look at it daily. Working with her has helped me improve my outlook on a new job and, more importantly, on life.

- Kira, Administrative Assistant

I had the pleasure of working with Jean Grossman as my coach for a three-month engagement in 2013. During our time together, I benefited greatly from her intuitive and supportive coaching. She asked powerful questions that were at times challenging, but always emanated from a place of genuine care.

I also appreciated her session notes summarizing what transpired during our calls. They are a source of continued reflection for me.

Jean's deep listening skills and open heart allowed me to feel safe to express my fears and doubts about different aspects of my life...Working with her was easy. I love her easygoing laugh and her wonderful way with words. While I often felt guilty for not doing a lot of the coaching assignments I had agreed to complete, she never once raised a judgmental finger or uttered a "Tsk. Tsk." She understood my days were full and that crafting my vision for my health, relationships, work, etc. is an on-going process. I'm thankful for the clarity I gained during the time I spent with Jean, and look forward to seeing how life opens up for me as I stay present to the opportunities I create and attract.

- M.Y., Entrepreneur

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for the support and leadership that you provided to me during a very challenging time. When I acknowledged that my marriage was over, I knew that I would need support. Your divorce support group was exactly what I needed. For me, it was the bridge that took me from despair to a place of hope and peace...While no one can say that divorce is "easy", your support group has certainly made the process more bearable.

- Marie, Information technology Professional

As a Qigong practitioner, I absolutely understand the concept of energy, and I now know how important it is to mind my own energy and not give it away to others. Your coaching is great! Thanks, Jean!

- Jennifer, Qigong/Wellness Expert

I was a 22 year old teenage mom, divorced, and in a hole. That's how I felt –– drowned by life, difficult situations that, at my young age, I was not prepared to deal with. I was unsure of my next steps, unsure about myself, and pretty much everything around me felt as if it was falling apart. And all of the sudden the skies opened up, and God said "I love you Lorena." And there she was, my angel Jean Grossman!

I really do feel like she was sent over to my job (where we met), because I needed her so badly. I came to realize that the biggest problem I had was my negative thinking. I was drowning myself in my own sorrows. Jean gave me tools to live happy and positively, to really truly believe that everything has a solution and that my "problems" were not problems at all––they were only OPPORTUNITIES! My life now is full of joy and possibility. No task is too big or too small. I CAN DO IT ALL! I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful person to guide me as my mentor and coach. I LOVE YOU, JEAN!!!

- Lorena, Business Owner

Just weeks after approaching Jean with fear and trepidation I am more motivated then ever to grow as the human being and embrace my life openly and honestly and to change habits that no longer work for me. To be happy and comfortable in my skin with looking forward to my many opportunities I have to practice changing.

With the example of Jean --- noticing how living a life of meaning, balance, and purpose that matches her insides and outsides --- as my inspiration.

I felt a level of trust and honesty almost immediately, which is very different for me. Plus a refreshing surprise, her skill set was unexpected to me from our first

discussion that gift she has - to be genuine and direct, with a dash of encouragement and sprinkle of motivation. To feel her acceptance and opportunities everywhere in any situation. She can acutely listen and hear - then rephrases the same situation in a positive light. My fear has had years to practice thinking differently although I see it's possible to do this with the examples pointed shared.

The example she sets - lets just say WOW watching someone living and loving life through the growth of flowers and self and putting in the work. With the journey of life, having a purpose of a higher self and how you can find the positives in all things called life. Can I say WOW again- :) This is only after a few weeks of picking up on Jean's energy I look forward to learning more.

If only we could surround our planet with the kind of energy she exudes - what a nicer world we would live in. Thank you Jean on my lessons learned and learning- I look forward to me living my best life and honoring my life with your suggestions and coaching methods one day at a time.

- Jane, Quality Assurance Manager, Fortune 500 Corporation

Jean is an insightful, talented coach able to help clients get to the heart of the matter and find their way to clarity and action. With her sensitivity and ability to maneuver her client's emotional struggles, Jean guides you with grace and intuition to the core of your issues and then grounds you with tangible steps to move forward. She is a gifted coach for anyone needing assistance in navigating their life circumstances.

- Karen McMahon, Owner at Journey Beyond Divorce — Certified Relationship & Divorce Coach

Jean's professional coaching acumen is outstanding! Her listening skills, intuitive questioning and expert knowledge are invaluable. I highly recommend Jean to anyone searching for clarity and great results.

- Ann Schultz, CMD - Management, Marketing, Business Development High Performer in the Shopping Center Industry

I worked with Jean for seven years on IT projects with a Fortune 100 company. Jean coached me in many difficult situations that allowed me the opportunity to learn about myself and improve my interactions with others. She will also provide excellent guidance if you ask. Jean is the most gentle and fair person I have ever met. I recommend her highly to anyone that seeks coaching services.

- Steve Hickerson, Technical Writer/Project Administration at ExxonMobil

Jean has a wealth of personal and professional experience. I have never interacted with anyone who is as focused as she is. Instead of giving advice she showed me that the solutions to my situation were inside of me. She then helped me create an implementation plan. She accomplished all of this within one hour. She made it so easy. I highly recommend her!!!

- Jack Mabe, Owner at Park Cities Porcelain

Jean was born to coach. She is caring, curious and non-judgmental. Her holistic coaching style empowers her clients to confidently move beyond the blocks and to live the life of their choosing.

- Cindy Masingill, Professional Transition Coach

Jean is a compassionate and intuitive coach. These abilities enable her to work with individuals and couples on a myriad of relationship issues, in a way that assists her client(s) in achieving their optimal outcome.

- Marie Singer, Personal Development Coach at Life out Loud Coaching

Jean provided some invaluable advice and actionable feedback on a career- related issue which I had been wrestling with for a while. She identified several realistic options for me to pursue as solutions, and helped me measure the benefits of each choice. All in all, my experience with Jean was extremely beneficial, and I recommend her highly.

- Charley Spektor, SEO and Online Product Marketing Professional

I remember the moment I first met Jean. I was harried, stressed, distracted and, truth be told, late. One hour later I was calm, balanced, relieved and, in a word, hopeful. She came alongside several of us and breathed 'organization' into our organization. No job was too small, no order was too tall. She literally revolutionized our business and the way we worked.

She implemented process improvements in our curriculum design work, transformed Sharepoint, trained and coached anyone and everyone on everything (soft-skills and technical skills alike), and single-handedly project managed one of our largest customer service interventions with a rather difficult airline. I would often be overheard saying, "I don't know WHAT we'd ever do without Jean." She taught nearly two dozen of us a number of 'better ways' and, along the way, made me a better person. For this, and this alone, I would be forever in her debt, though clearly she gave so much more and I am not the only recipient of her gifts. Whatever and wherever we are today, a great many of us owe several thanks to Jean for all she contributed, all she accomplished and, even more than this, for who she is. Jobs come and go, but great character reverberates for a lifetime.

- Blake Leath, PhD at Leath Group / Leath Learning

I worked with Jean at DeLaPorte & Associates, Inc. As the Management Consultant, she would frequently work her magic with clients that I had sold solutions to. I was struck by her exceptional ability to look at a project in its entirety and process how to most successfully execute from start to finish. During her preliminary analysis, she had a knack of forecasting areas of specific sensitivity or challenges and was brilliant at asking questions and suggesting action plans that worked!

She ensured that each detail was attended to with specific attention to client communication. These talents and disciplined formulas ensured successful results and client satisfaction. Jean's attitude was consistently upbeat, encouraging, energetic and she was ready to lend a helping hand to her colleagues at any time.

- Jeannine Marckstein, Business Enhancement Advisor

I love working with Jean. She is the ultimate professional. Jean is excellent at helping clients create and execute communication strategies that align an organization across all departments. CEOs and senior executives trust Jean to help them think and act strategically, especially in challenging situations. Jean also has a huge heart for the nonprofit sector and dedicates time and energy to making the world a better place.

- Bobbi Bilnoski, President & CEO at Concinnity Network

Jean is a focused, customer oriented entrepreneur. Her efforts blend the needs of customers and the company in a win/win situation to create a satisfied customer while controlling the bottom line. Jean is an excellent team and business relationship builder with focus on satisfaction for all involved. I highly recommend Jean and would look forward to working with her at any time.

- Michael Pugh, Program Manager at Fidelity

It is my utmost pleasure to give my highest recommendation to Jean Grossman for her leadership coaching.  Having served over 35 years in the public safety sector, I saw many changes take place in the law enforcement profession.  Jean's coaching helped prepare me as I took on the important role of moving our profession and my agency forward.  The skills she helped me develop allowed me to better lead not only those in my organization and the community we served, but helped me navigate through internal and external obstacles to my personal success and ultimately that of our agency. Most importantly, by better understanding myself, I became a better person not only professionally, but in my personal life as well.  Thanks to Jean's coaching, I am happy with myself, my achievements, and my continued ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

- Cindy M. Combs, Assistant Chief (Retired) Cincinnati Police Department