– Maureen, Engineer

After 24 years of marriage while I was working full time, helping an elderly parent, raising our sons (one seriously ill), my husband decided he “wanted more fun” and left. I was lucky to find a counselor to help me deal with the grief, loneliness and fear and rebuild my life.

The counselor suggested a support group to continue my healing. I found some groups, but they were more about revisiting wounds instead of moving forward. I came upon Jean Grossman and my world changed. My relationships, work, dreams, health and outlook improved. The group lifted the fear and replaced it with curiosity. I remained calm during turbulent times and have seen situations that would have baffled me change due to my more positive energy. I feel whole and prepared for my true life. What I thought was the worst event of my life was transformed into a gateway to my next chapter

Keith, Web Developer

Thank you for continuing to show up with your sincerity and clarity and sharing my journey. I am better as a result.

Carole, Teacher

I really got  goodvibes from your coaching sessions. They got me where I am today! And, that's truly amazing given that I've been wanting to take this step for 22 years and you helped me find the courage to do it.

– Carole, Teacher

Elise, Sales Professional


I really am very grateful, Jean, for everything you've done to open up my world to thinking in more open ways. I tell everyone how much of an impact you've had on my life the past few months. I often think of our group sessions, the open and frank comments made by everyone, your fantastic facilitation of the entire group, and your uncanny ability to understand exactly what each of us wanted to explore.

Even when I didn't understand things myself, you were able to ask the right questions to provide clarity to me. You are really SO good at coaching! I also loved your thoughtful emails with new ideas for us to consider. I felt like you were always right there with us, helping us work things through to get to a better place.


Working with Jean during a very painful, emotional and turbulent part of my life brought me many wonderful things including peace, acceptance, contentment, perseverance, determination, and empowerment.

The list goes on, with the point being that through difficult times, people like Jean make challenges a little less overwhelming. She provided me with the tools to manage my difficulties and develop the coping skills needed to overcome my conflicts. She is driven by resolution and she reminded me of the positive qualities that I possess. I am eternally grateful and a more confident person with a positive attitude. I now refrain from feeding on negative energy and live in the "positive" moment:) Like Nike says, "Just Do It!"