My Journey


My entire life, I have always had an innate fascination with people of all kinds. What makes people tick? What’s their story? How have they become who they are today? I always took great pleasure in observing the presence of unique idiosyncrasies and wondering exactly why we were all so different from one another — and yet the same. This deeply engrained sense of observation, coupled with a diverse history of personal success, tremendous struggle, and resilient triumph have made me the coach I am today. This is my story…


The Beginning

During my college years, I settled on a Psychology major knowing that it was the ‘right choice.’ My schooling allowed me to find what I refer to as my “voice”––one that had little place in the family of five as I was growing up. This voice defined how I could get what I needed or wanted, without stepping on others’ toes in the process. This wasn’t always easy or successful, but it was certainly a time of experimentation, and what came of it led me to my diverse background of helping people communicate with others.

My inquisitive nature and fascination carried me through well into my adult professional life, where I adapted and applied my passion for studying and understanding others to the fast-paced corporate world. For years, I worked as a communications consultant, facilitating communication among team departments, translating technical information, and otherwise helping others create their success from a more solid and supported platform. My aptitude for identifying individual strengths and experience bridging communication gaps between diverse team members and departments gained me recognition as the “glue” that held these multi-disciplinary, multi-million dollar project teams together.

While it may seem –– at first glance –– that my career was a far cry from my life today, what I realized was that my “consulting” skills and services were actually a form of coaching; I enabled people to understand their strengths while also empowering them to identify personal solutions. And so, the next phase of my journey began!


The Turning Point

My life-changing opportunity came at a time when I was very successful in my business, yet simultaneously faced with considerable turmoil in my personal life; I realized that my husband was an alcoholic/addict failing fast under the weight and stigma of this disease. While I was busy focusing on the needs of others, I’d lost sight of myself and what was happening in my own home. My voice that I had worked so hard to cultivate became silent…

I was finally sent to Al-Anon; in those meetings, I shared space and stories with others in similar situations. It was during this process –– one that I initially resisted –– that I began to make groundbreaking progress in my own life. Through this experience with my husband’s disease and Al-Anon, I was given the opportunity to reconnect with my core self, identify my attributes as well as character ‘defects.’ I was able to uncover my most essential needs and, ultimately, make the decision as to how I wanted to spend the second half of my life. As it turned out, the process of stepping away from co-dependency didn’t happen overnight; it doesn’t happen with one decision or event, especially not that of divorce. Reclaiming my own life was a day-at-a-time deal –– an entirely new way of living.

The journey –– enabled by my experience with the Al-Anon program, my engagement with a sponsor and my eventual work with a life coach –– was one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life. These combined forces, and my focused effort, allowed my life to take off in ways I’d never imagined–– and I haven’t looked back since.


The Big Shift

I recently re-settled in New Jersey, and have channeled my love and passion for working with and supporting others to live their best lives into an incredibly rewarding coaching career. Since I made this shift –– in the process becoming an iPEC Certified Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner –– my life has become rich with the experience of facilitating the growth and progress of my clients. I channeled my challenges into an opportunity to enable my clients to revisit and revitalize the way they approach their lives.

As I coached, I found that the clients I attracted were mirroring my very own story; a story where they were seeking a divorce from an addict / alcoholic, and wanted more for themselves. This amazing attraction of clients just like me inspired me to revisit how I might have played ‘my hand’ differently, certainly remembering that my growth truly began when I went to Al-Anon, improved when I got a sponsor, and accelerated once I hired a coach. As a result, I worked to obtained an additional coaching certification in family recovery.

Today, as a certified coach in family recovery, I am honored to help families put the focus back on themselves and what they want from their lives as their Loved One struggles with or steps into recovery. I enable couples to reconnect in ways they never thought possible, and help parents and their children reclaim a loving and respectful connection as they each seek, choose, and live their respective paths of recovery. I know from experience that it is possible to emerge in the recovery process more whole and fulfilled, and I’m devoted to providing my clients with the tools that will afford them that same opportunity.